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This website will provide your community or campaign group with the necessary information and pointers to help you to decide if creating a new local (neighbourhood, parish, town, village, city or community) council is right for your community.

(9 Sept 2013) Government makes it easier to set up parish councils and invests in support programme

Communities up and down the country are being urged to set up more new parish councils, with plans to make it easier and fresh investment to help community groups.

Government minister Don Foster, MP today announced their response to its consultation on making it easier to set up parish councils, alongside news that the Department for Communities and Local Government will be supporting the National Association of Local Councils and County Associations of Local Councils to help campaigners..

As a driving force behind the national ‘Power to the people’ and London’s ‘Create a council’ campaigns, NALC has welcomed these positive steps, which reinforce Government’s commitment to parish councils as way of giving people a voice, delivering local services and influencing how public money is spent in their area. To register interest in the new support programme, or to request further information on these announcements, please contact

On 27 March 2014, DCLG announced a Legislative Reform Order (LRO) consultation on making it easier to set up Town and Parish Councils.  This consultation focuses on the specific measures DCLG announced in its 9 September 2013 consultation response it was proposing to introduce.

Please click here for the CLG consultation document / LRO
Please click here for the NALC media release.
Please click here for the NALC policy consultation briefing.

Please call 020 7637 1865 to find out more about how to create a new local council and the grants available to campaign groups and County Associations under the new councils’ Programme. Please click here to access relevant grant application forms and information available to 31 March 2013 under the Programme.

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